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Another solo-acoustic preview of a track off my upcoming album:

Here is a live preview of "Smile & Banjo" a track on my upcoming album FINS.


I was working at a restaurant here in Hollywood, and it was a slow afternoon. I stood behind the cash register tapping a pen against the counter impatiently when I decided to write a song. But what would be my inspiration? "Well, lets try to write a song based on numbers," I thought. So I looked at the table numbers stacked at the register. Little white plastic table-top numbers. The top one was the number 4. And so the first line of the song begins "4 feet on the side walk..."


Hello everyone! There is a great upcoming band here in Hollywood called The Fire & The Phoenix and I play piano and synth with them. We have a fun show coming up at The Lilian Theater, August 17th at 11pm.

It is our big debut show of some great anthemic alternative rock songs we've been working on over the past few month, and any donations to help fund the show will be greatly appreciated!

CLICK HERE for Donations and more Information

Here is a song I wrote for my friend Jake who passed away this week. It is set to the chords of John Lennon's Imagine.

A dear friend of mine named Jake Huzenis passed away yesterday. He started the college improv troupe I was in called Another Man's Trash. Here is a scene from us performing at Eckerd College in 2010. I was a frightened rookie, but Jake made improvisation so easy that I was able to grow and fall in love with the craft.


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